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"Sister Who Presents," Holiday Specials, and Others: The Third Season of Production Episode 56:  An overview and introduction to the ministry, significance, and purposes of Sister Who and some applications of all of this to life. Episode 57:  The potentially empowering influence of paradoxes, seemingly unanswerable questions, and apparently incongruous elements. Episode 58:  Positive and empowering rediscovery and relationship of individuality to surrounding formative societal community. Episode 59:  Each of us as reference points for others' perception, understanding, and knowledge of the diversity of life and of God. Episode 60:  Positively integrating personal uniqueness and societal categorization.
Episode 61:  Recognizing what is distinctly sacred and thereby relating positively, inclusively, and expansively to life and to God. Episode 62:  Avoiding the limitations of dogmatism or condescension, within processes of spiritual growth and interpersonal relationship. Episode 63:  Accepting responsibility appropriately and constructively or proactively involving one's self in life and relationships of all kinds. Episode 64:  Reasonable expectations and tolerances related to certain struggles of life, which can result in personal or spiritual growth. Episode 65:  Insightful aspects of parodies, alternative presentations, and unconventional approaches. Episode 66:  Self-awareness and self-reflection within various experiences of life and attempts to communicate understanding. Episode 67:  Translating perceptions and experiences from one individual language or world to another and insights which can follow. Episode 68:  Personal identity in comparison and contrast to personal definition. Episode 69:  Societal roles, diversity within humanity, and divine intervention, and being open to guidance and insight from any of these. Episode 70:  The influence, impact , and significance of friendship and the words used to express this form of relationship. Episode 71:  Relationships between inner expectations, beliefs, and realities, and external experiences and empowerment which may follow. Episode 72:  Developing genuinely honest and empowering forms of disagreement, mutual respect, and relationship. Episode 73:  Creating positive and empowering societal definitions of relationships, regardless of the personal characteristics involved. Episode 74:  Personal, societal, and ideological safety in relationship to risks which are necessary to a full experience of life. Episode 75:  The importance and significance of maximizing each person's creative contributions within and to surrounding human society. Episode 76:  Decisions of self-definition arising from self-awareness and consequential implications of such decisions. Episode 77:  Diverse challenges and mixed blessings of structures and roles within families, which can ultimately be empowering. Episode 78:  Allowing every person, thing, and experience we encounter to be our teachers, while respecting who we are as students also. Episode 79:  Formative highlights of Sister Who's personal journey to in fact being or becoming Sister Who. Episode 80:  Passive and active definitions of "normal" and ways in which these impact personal and societal definition in general. Episode 81:  Relationships between behavior and consequences and an encouragement to recognize which of the two we value when and why. Episode 82:  Serving the loving and creative impulse within all living things rather than attempting to dominate or control the way life unfolds.