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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#201-225) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw201:  "Because of change, I live where others once did." – Sister Who
sw202:  "Through wise expression, words transform and empower all subsequent life." – Sister Who
sw203:  "Love and wisdom cannot thrive where minds are closed, but there is always somewhere higher to go." – Sister Who
sw204:  "Exploration is always surrounded by life, but often not in the forms one expects." – Sister Who
sw205:  "Respecting others’ mysteries, can nurture one’s contrasting growth." – Sister Who
sw206:  "Our paths through life are inseparably empowered by other creatures." – Sister Who
sw207:  "Maintaining health and strength is inseparable from maintaining healthy communal relationships." – Sister Who
sw208:  "Remembering diversity’s accomplishments, nurtures future ingenuity and collaboration." – Sister Who
sw209:  "The more one reads, the wider one’s vocabulary of possibilities becomes." – Sister Who
sw210:  "If darkness remains, so also do innumerable ways to create light." – Sister Who
sw211:  "Sharing with others multiplies blessings received." – Sister Who
sw212:  "Outgrowing the old beckons toward discovery of the new." – Sister Who
sw213:  "." – Sister Who
sw214:  "." – Sister Who
sw215:  "." – Sister Who
sw216:  "." – Sister Who
sw217:  "." – Sister Who
sw218:  "." – Sister Who
sw221:  "." – Sister Who
sw225:  "." – Sister Who
sw224:  "." – Sister Who
sw223:  "." – Sister Who
sw222:  "." – Sister Who
sw220:  "." – Sister Who
sw219:  "." – Sister Who
Photos 201-225