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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#176-200) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw176:  "Awareness embraces vast open spaces while focus embraces immediacy, but both are equally essential to life." – Sister Who
sw177:  "The experience of aging wisely, most values youthfulness' potential and possibilities for renewal." – Sister Who
sw178:  "That which is not actually me and that which is, are inescapably interdependent." – Sister Who
sw179:  "No true competition exists within one example of beauty blossoming next to another." – Sister Who
sw180:  "Positive interaction with the lives of others rarely comes unless I provide an invitation." – Sister Who
sw181:  "Within knowing hunger, gratitude can be found--as well as the inspirational love to share whatever one can." – Sister Who
sw182:  "Challenging though it may be, traveling together provides strength, that traveling alone cannot." – Sister Who
sw183:  "Colors vary while shapes are analogous, but all possibilities integrated, inspires awe for those with both perseverance and patience." – Sister Who
sw184:  "All efforts are not equally rewarded, but all rewards are nonetheless reasons for thankfulness." – Sister Who
sw185:  "The way may be circumstantially constricted, but innumerable blessings on the other side are dependent upon one's active response." – Sister Who
sw186:  "Appreciation of integrated colors often comes after rather than during the work of diligent fabrication." – Sister Who
sw187:  "To truly live within any part of the world, one must strive to nurture and defend the right of those within every other part to do the same." – Sister Who
sw188:  "In walking where so many others have--but with my own feet, thoughts, and stride-- I am part of humanity's march through time." -- Sister Who
sw189:  "Even within infinite possibility, love is not automatic, but requires choice."  --  Sister Who
sw190:  "The wind in my sails may next be for others' wings."  --  Sister Who
sw191:  "The same water flows from the mountain to the sea, touching all lands that lie between."  --  Sister Who
sw192:  "A seed of unknown origin has given a flower along my path."  -- Sister Who
sw193:  "The sun that warms me has a long list of others upon whom it will shine."   -- Sister Who
sw194:  "Preparations now for challenges later, is thankfulness in action."  -- Sister Who
sw195:  "The moon in the sky seen by any two people on earth, is a point of connection." -- Sister Who
sw196:  "The oldest trees have birthed and released many generations of leaves."  -- Sister Who
sw197:  "The fruit and the seed complete the circle of life."  -- Sister Who
sw198:  "I have need not to be the same, but rather to be aware of diverse possibilities."  -- Sister Who
sw199:  "In pausing to love, we remember to live."            -- Sister Who
sw200:  "It is in finding the courage to reach, that one learns to become." – Sister Who
Photos 1-25 Photos 26-50 Photos 51-75 Photos 76-100 Photos 101-125 Photos 126-150 Photos 151-175 Photos 176-200 Photos 201-225 sw176:  walking on top of a stone wall with a mountain in the distance sw178:  repotting a small houseplant sw179:  comparing different colors and kinds of flowers in a garden sw180:  refilling a bird feeder sw181:  cutting an apple and a piece of bread into smaller pieces, to be shared between three small plates sw182:  riding a motorcycle with a service dog in a special seat on the back of the motorcycle sw183:  comparing two contrasting colors of autumn leaves sw184:  moving numerous pumpkins in a wheelbarrow walking away across an old metal bridge sw186:  comparing contrasting colors in an unfinished crocheted afghan sw177:  comparing a sapling to a large tree swp188:  gazing at a sign indicating an access point of the Appalachian Trail swp189:  gazing thoughtfully at an array of greetings cards spread across a table swp190:  flying a clipper ship kite swp191:  sitting on a rock at the bottom of a wilderness waterfall swp192:  noticing a flower blooming along the edge of a sidewalk swp193:  sitting on a rock, facing the sun, creating a long shadow behind swp194:  chopping firewood with an axe swp195:  arms raised high to frame a view of the moon in the sky between the hands swp196:  sitting within a large pile of leaves, comparing two specific contrasting Autumn leaves swp197:  scooping seeds out of a pumpkin, after cutting the top off swp198:  gazing at a very large array of crayons spread across a table, to select one with which to begin drawing on a piece of paper swp199:  carrying a large basket of wrapped presents on a winter pathway through a forest Photos 176-200