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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#151-175) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw151:  "Hands and feet moving in harmony can give rhythm to mind and heart, while walking the labyrinth of life."  – Sister Who
sw152:  "Invisible vibration beckons toward invisible awareness." – Sister Who
sw153:  "Even in darkness, the heartbeat persists, with meaning and possibility."  – Sister Who
sw154:  "Come to hear my music and begin to know my faith."  – Sister Who
sw155:  "A tree may become an instrument and a stone a musical string, longing to be touched."  – Sister Who
sw156:  "Smiles can hide within unpretentious and unrefined melody, played with enthusiasm." – Sister Who
sw157:  "Within both times of peace and times of conflict, music endures–even as life itself." – Sister Who
sw158:  "Tunes can be found within the tools of one's work." – Sister Who
sw159:  "Without the breath of either body or spirit, music silently waits." – Sister Who
sw160:  "As long as it has music, life remains sacred." – Sister Who
sw161:  "If I measure only by the standards which others provide, I might never realize just how very close to the top of the mountain I have already climbed." – Sister Who
sw162:  "If I measure only by my individual steps, every journey might seem infinitely long." -- Sister Who
sw163:  "If I measure only by the emotions of those whom I love, my own life might remain unlived." – Sister Who
sw164:  "If I measure only by current experience, I might forget that other seasons will follow." – Sister Who
sw165:  "If I measure only by whatever my current vehicle is, my progress might never exceed the corresponding capabilities." – Sister Who
sw166:  "If I measure only by the journeys and accomplishments of the past, what is unfamiliar might never be attempted." – Sister Who
sw167:  "If I measure only by the words of others, my own words might never become known." – Sister Who
sw168:  "If I measure only by the days that are special, the value of those that are ordinary might be overlooked." – Sister Who
sw169:  "If I measure only by the birthdays that pass, all of the other days might be devalued.  Each and every day can be a celebration of life." – Sister Who
sw170:  "If I measure only by the words of my teachers, my understanding might never exceed theirs." – Sister Who
sw171:  "If I measure only by the efforts which are rewarded, I might fail to notice what I have become by continuing to try." – Sister Who
sw172:  "If I measure only by the friends and family who are now absent, I might neglect those who are still present with me ." – Sister Who
sw173:  "If I measure only by what is received, I might forget to give whatever I can and thereby make the world a better place." – Sister Who
sw174:  "The diverse and contrasting keys must move in harmony in order to create beauty." – Sister Who
sw175:  "In being different while remaining together, we become more than we individually are." – Sister Who
sw151:  playing a small hoop drum while walking a meditation labyrinth sw152:  playing the rim of a large brandy snifter, seated next to a reflecting pond sw153:  playing a large ceramic drum next to a bonfire sw154:  playing two electronic keyboards at Red Rocks Amphitheater sw155: seated under a tree, playing a guitar, with a wooden banjo nearby sw156:  seated on a porch swing, playing a kazoo, with an assortment of other harmonicas, nose whistles, and kazoos nearby sw157:  playing bagpipes in a park sw158:  playing a musical saw, with an assortment of yard and workshop tools arranged nearby sw159:  seated under a tree, playing a wooden flute, with a didgeridoo, an assortment of flutes, and a practice chanter nearby sw160:  playing an antique reed organ Photos 1-25 Photos 26-50 Photos 51-75 Photos 76-100 Photos 101-125 Photos 126-150 Photos 151-175 Photos 176-200 Photos 201-225 sw161:  holding a measuring tape with mountains in the distance sw162:  looking back at footprints in the snow sw163:  preparing numerous greeting cards sw164:  touching a spring flower blooming through the snow sw165:  pushing a small SUV sw166:  examing maps and tourism brochures sw167:  writing in a journal while seated next to a bookcase filled with books sw168:  relaxing on a chaise while playing a flute sw169:  lighting candles on a birthday cake sw170:  copying answers from a text book to a workbook sw171:  viewing a reflection of self in a mirror sw172:  holding a gray cat with framed photos in the background sw173:  wrapping presents sw174:  playing a piano sw175:  braiding thick cords Photos 151-175