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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#101-125) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw101:  making a leaf rubbing
sw101:  "Applying pressure wisely can reveal hidden beauty."  -- Sister Who
sw102:  contemplating a modest Thanksgiving Day feast
sw102:  "Gratitude within one moment often creates greater possibility within the next."     -- Sister Who
sw103:  contemplating a holiday ornament while decorating a table-top holiday tree
sw103:  "That which adorns each moment has both a story to tell and a gift to give."       -- Sister Who
sw104:  sitting in the doorway of a camping tent, hands spread in welcome
sw104:  "Sometimes adversarial tension is what makes possible the protection of a sheltering space."   -- Sister Who
sw105:  allegedly holding up an enormous squarish inclined black column or beam
sw105:  "The more I observe within the world around me, the more I realize that nothing is truly impossible–if one can effectively respond to the question, 'What would it take?'  Sometimes all I have to do, is to be willing to try."       – Sister Who
sw106:  opening a back door entrance of a building
sw106:  "Fear must not stop us from opening doors of inquiry, because avoiding all negative possibilities generally also prevents any occurrence of positive possibilities."       – Sister Who
sw107:  considering a desktop digital phone
sw107:  "Even if the voice sounds familiar, empowering inquiry directs that I remain open to undiscovered treasures within each and every one."       – Sister Who
sw108:  contemplating a water faucet in mid-air from which water is flowing into a small pot
sw108:  "Although perception provides an appearance, I must pursue the underlying reasons, if I am to  ever truly understand."       – Sister Who
sw109:  marveling at the contrast between a tall glass office building immediately next to an old stone church
sw109:  "Differences and changes around us reflect differences and changes within us; inquiry that creates harmony between the two brings our greatest strengths to our present moments."  – Sister Who
sw110:  pointing at a honeybee that is only an inch or two away, on a bunch of purple flowers
sw110:  "What is heard, seen, and felt; where I have been, where I am, and where I am going; and awareness of universes larger and smaller than my own, create the perspective which directs ongoing inquiry and discovery within my life."       – Sister Who
sw111:  looking at a "You are Here" sign within a wilderness park, that provides no indication of where "here" actually is
sw111:  "Without an awareness of my environment and context, I cannot even begin to ask where I am or in  which direction I should go."       – Sister Who
sw112:  standing next to an elevator door, next to which a sign displays the word elevator in six languages (including Braille) and also making the sign language movement for the word "elevator"
sw112:  "Knowing that all languages are systems of symbols designed to create the understandings of one within the mind of another, ongoing inquiry grants the possibility that I can learn what everyone else knows."       – Sister Who
sw113:  watching a spiral of carefully arranged dominoes fall in sequential succession
sw113:  "Specifically because a great many influences and variables exist within specific interactive relationships, ongoing inquiry is essential to the accomplishment of deep understanding."       – Sister Who
sw114:  considering within which of three purple cups a green ball is hidden
sw114:  "Only by questioning what is seen, what is unseen, and my own perception as well, can the best choice be made."       – Sister Who
sw115:  considering possible moves while standing on the game board of a giant-sized chess set, where a game is in process
sw115:  "When I realize that the movement of each piece can affect the movements of every piece, I also realize why I must keep asking to understand individual uniqueness."       -- Sister Who
sw116:  viewing an outdoor abstract modern art sculpture
sw116:  "When an unfamiliar perspective obscures the simple truth of what something is, introductions and basic inquiries are definitely in order."       – Sister Who
sw117:  kneeling next to a large stone sundial within an urban park
sw117:  "By continually measuring and asking myself where within time I have been and where my heart and mind will lead me next, I can create the  peripheral vision I need to live fully within the larger universe that is God's gift to me at the beginning of each new day."       – Sister Who
sw118:  a collage of photos of five different houses of worship, representing five different approaches to spirituality
sw118:  "Religion -- encouraging to some, oppressive to others, but nevertheless an expression of the eternal human desire to reach beyond ourselves together.”       -- Sister Who
sw119:  reaching for a pink flower near a stream within a wilderness park area
sw119:  "Spirituality is that relationship with the Divine, which lies beyond human control and  comprehension, yet within the presence of wisdom and love."       -- Sister Who
sw120:  sitting outdoors, reading a newspaper, a stack of books nearby, with a piece of wooden fence in the background upon which have been painted various somewhat typical graffitti sayings
sw120:  "Truth requires a context, a perceiver, and an application, if it is to avoid being meaningless."       -- Sister Who
sw121:  considering a wide variety of religious and/or metaphysical objects arranged on a tabletop
sw121:  "Symbolism is a gift of meaning which we give to objects, so that they may empower us to be more fully alive."       -- Sister Who
sw122:  "How incredible that in spite of the existence of millions upon millions of people, none of us have ever seen anything in exactly the same way."       -- Sister Who
sw123:  "Living life passionately never goes unnoticed; Therefore, I will dance, I will sing, and I will shine–to demonstrate in relationship the love, the wisdom, and presence of Godde within this world and to celebrate the divine treasures hidden with me."       – Sister Who
sw124:  "Releasing is not a act of losing something, but rather of reconnecting with something greater than one's self."       – Sister Who
sw125:  releasing a white dove within an urban backyard location
sw125:  "Love is the ultimate force within this universe–opening what will otherwise remain closed, healing what will otherwise remain broken, and empowering what will otherwise be too weak to survive."       – Sister Who
sw122:  looking through a pair of binoculars toward the viewer sw123:  walking in a parade with a rainbow-colored umbrella sw124:  releasing a white dove while standing in a suburban backyard Photos 1-25 Photos 26-50 Photos 51-75 Photos 76-100 Photos 101-125 Photos 126-150 Photos 151-175 Photos 176-200 Photos 201-225 Photos 101-125