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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#51-75) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw51:  gazing at candle, chalice, and round loaf of bread on an altar
sw51:  "It is not the objects upon the altar which are sacred, but rather the faith which is thereby remembered specifically to guide each moment of life which follows, in wisdom and in love."  -- Sister Who
sw52:  "It is not the smoke from the censer that cleanses any space in which I worship, but rather my prayers which ascend with the smoke, that this space will be thereby prepared and equipped to facilitate an ongoing and empowering dialogue with Godde.”  -- Sister Who
sw52:  standing in a church, holding a censer sw53:  playing guitar seated on a park bench next to a memorial within an urban park
sw53:  "It is not the perfection of performance which creates sacredness but rather the passions of the heart and mind which provide conviction and confidence to the words and meanings I express."    -- Sister Who
sw54:  playing a doumbek hand-drum within a rocky wilderness location
sw54:  "It is not the drum itself which is sacred, but the ongoing heartbeat of the spirit which can be thereby demonstrated."  -- Sister Who
sw55:  walking a meditation labyrinth of stones surrounded by grass
sw55:  "It is neither the stones nor the configuration which make the walking meditation of the labyrinth sacred, but rather the focus and intention which I place within each step and the divine response of Godde's presence."  -- Sister Who
sw56:  holding and gazing into a large mirror while seated next to a pool with water lillies within an urban park
sw56:  "It is not the answers which impart sacredness, but rather the willingness to embrace deep questions; questions such as, 'Who are You, Godde?' and 'Consequently, who am I?' and to truly live by whatever understanding is thereby informed."   -- Sister Who
sw57:  kneeling next to a rainbow-striped peace pole within a brick-paved urban park
sw57:  "It is not the eloquent words of any human language which create sacredness, but rather the peace and love which are thereby expressed and the reality of the Divine which is thereby invoked."  -- Sister Who
sw58:  seated on the floor, surrounded by collages of personal photos
sw58:  "It is not the photographs themselves which are sacred, but rather the awareness of how extensively and especially of how miraculously life is interconnected."  -- Sister Who
sw59:  seated in a field, holding pumpkin seeds, next to a pumpkin and a bundle of cornstalks
sw59:  "It is not the pumpkin seed itself which is sacred, but rather the divine force of life within this seed (as within any seed) which holds the potential of millions upon millions of future pumpkins, expanding infinitely throughout eternity to feed and nurture countless generations yet to come."  -- Sister Who
sw60:  kneeling on a sandy shore, listening to a seashell
sw60:  "It is not the discarded structural forms of living things which are sacred, but rather the whispers of Godde which may yet be found there, if we will only take a moment to listen."  -- Sister Who
sw61:  standing, hands folded in prayer, next to a very large stained-glass church window
sw61:  "It is not the vivid colors through which the light shines upon me which are sacred, but rather the ways in which my soul is thereby illuminated and moved to holy worship."  -- Sister Who
sw62:  standing with arms outstretched, facing a sunset in the distance
sw62:  "It is not the sunset which is sacred, but rather the awareness of harmony in life's cycles and passing, giving thanks for each moment of beauty I have been blessed to witness, to recall, and of which to have been a part."  -- Sister Who
sw63:  standing with arms outstretched on a grassy mountainside, facing away toward a vast valley below, with more mountains in the distance
sw63:  “Life and the world of possibilities in which I live are so much bigger than the present moment I experience and filled with wonders waiting to be discovered--each one made sacred by a touch of love.”  -- Sister Who
sw64:  Grays Peak summit
sw64:  Gray's Peak; 14,270'; July 30, 2007. 
sw65:  Torreys Peak summit
sw65:  Torrey's Peak; 14,267'; July 30, 2007. 
sw66:  tuning a guitar at a monument within an urban park
sw66:  "Without the foundational step of tuning, of listening to know the pitch and tone of one's own voice, no harmony can follow."  -- Sister Who
sw67:  lying on the floor of a monument within an urban park, propped up on elbows, causing coins to spin on edge by a snap of fingers
sw67:  "In and of itself, spinning coins on edge does not seem a particularly meaningful activity.  The precision, willing participation, self-discipline, attentive vigilance, and application of just the right amount of force, however, are very much the qualities essential to every other instance of being or living in harmony."  -- Sister Who
sw68:  talking on an old-time candlestick telephone
sw68:  "If I do not first listen attentively to all that is said before composing my response, I will not be able to effectively respond to the one with whom I am attempting to communicate and I myself will become the greatest adversary to harmony between us."  -- Sister Who
sw69:  preparing to throw a frisbee within an urban park
sw69:  "The manifestation of the yin-yang symbol is wonderfully illustrated by the motion of a Frisbee, which must spin in order to fly and receives that ability from the hand it leaves.  The contrasting colors constantly trade places, just as living in harmony requires embracing an understanding of our opposites, loving our enemies, and dancing peacefully with everything around and within us."  -- Sister Who
sw70:  crossing a stream, stepping from one rock to the next
sw70:  "The stream moves in one direction, but by thoughtful relationship with the stones in my path, I am able to move in quite a different direction.  The differences between stones and water are quite significant, but if they can live in harmony, each allowing the other its own integrity, then perhaps I too can learn to move through contrasting currents of humanity according to the spirit within me."  -- Sister Who
sw71:  cultivating a small vegetable garden sw72:  raking sand in a small table-top zen garden sw73:  roller-skating within an urban park sw74:  seated between two very large hourglasses, on the steps of a monument within an urban park sw75:  reading a book while seated under a large tree within an urban park
sw71:  "Some vegetables grow on stems, others on vines, and still others as roots beneath the ground.  If I give to each whatever is needed to grow to the best possible form, I will be nourished as well, when the time for harvest finally arrives."    -- Sister Who
sw72:  "In drawing lines in the sand of a Zen garden, I do not tense my muscles in order to rigidly control them.  Rather, I am seeking to create and to connect an inner experience of peace, wisdom, and harmony with an outer one (and vice versa as well), so that I am the servant rather than the master of peaceful, wise, and harmonious intent and being-ness within and all around."     -- Sister Who
sw73:  "With eight wheels, four axles, and two shoes between myself and a potentially painful collision with the pavement, harmony is not optional.  Whenever and wherever harmony is achieved, however, grace and joy follow."     -- Sister Who
sw74:  "Neither the sands within the hourglass nor Time itself are mindful of human impatience, but rather offer us a means by which to coordinate our collaborative efforts toward greater outcomes than any of us could ever manage all alone."     -- Sister Who
sw75:  "Reading and learning are like inhaling; speaking and acting are like exhaling.  These functions--in harmonious balance--are as essential to the human spirit as they are to the human body, if genuine life is to be sustained."       -- Sister Who
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