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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#26-50) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw26:  Longs Peak summit
sw26:  Long's Peak; 14,255'; August 21, 1999
sw27:  whirling, hands and skirt extended, within a wilderness location
sw27:  "May the music of my life convey the love my words cannot and the light of Godde within me surpass every adversary's woundedness."  -- Sister Who
sw28:  whirling, hands and skirt extended, within an urban park location
sw28:  "It is just as important to listen to the music as to dance with all your heart."  -- Sister Who
sw29:  onstage with guitar at 10th anniversary concert
sw29:  "There are a hundred ways you may choose to tell the story.  How you choose to tell the story, is not nearly so important as that you do, in fact, tell the story (or sing the song or dance the dance or...)."  -- Sister Who
sw30:  head and shoulders, looking upward, hands folded in prayer
sw30:  "Within the cathedral of the heart, we join hands with Godde and miracles begin to happen."  -- Sister Who
sw31:  on one knee, hands folded in prayer, within a wilderness location
sw31:  "If only all battles were fought on our knees, with divine love and wisdom in our hearts, in those wild and untamed places where Godde has not yet been limited or restrained by human theology."  -- Sister Who
sw32:  gold hiking boots with pink laces; the large personal logo on the side of the makeup box
sw32:  " May the steps of my life be always as good as gold and generously laced with love."  -- Sister Who
sw33:  playing a wooden flute, sitting on a high grassy mountainside
sw33:  "No one knows the music of your heart better than you and no one else can share it with the  world."  -- Sister Who
sw34:  standing on mountaintop with arms partially extended sideways, as if saying a blessing
sw34:  "May One and All and Everything, Blessed and Loved ever be!"  -- Sister Who
sw35:  on snowshoes in a forest
sw35:  "What I wear on my feet makes a big difference in how well I move along the path.  What I believe about myself makes a big difference in how I express myself to the world around me."   -- Sister Who
sw36:  on cross-country skis, pulling a box of supplies through a forest
sw36:  "I sometimes do not see what it is that I am bringing with me on my journey, but it is nevertheless a significant influence upon both how quickly I travel and how well-equipped I am, each step of the way."  -- Sister Who
sw37:  measuring and marking a piece of wood on the surface of a table-saw
sw37:  "Measure carefully before cutting because what is separated will never go back together again in the same way."  -- Sister Who
sw38:  sewing a quilt
sw38:  "The fabrics from which my life is assembled may be disparate in color, pattern, and previous use, but they are nevertheless arranged, transformed, and held together by the stitches and threads which I personally add to the collective work."  -- Sister Who
sw39:  mixing cake batter in a bowl using an electric hand-held mixer
sw39:  "What goes into the mix often bears little resemblance to what will come out of the oven.  The transformation of unsavory ingredients into nutritious food, however, is no more or less remarkable or impossible than the transformation of brokenness into strength."  -- Sister Who
sw40:  trimming a hedge
sw40:  "Sometimes I must trim away the distractions in order for the better form to be revealed."  -- Sister Who
sw41:  preparing to use a photographic camera
sw41:  "A camera may see what I fail to notice, but it will never notice what I fail to see."  -- Sister Who
sw42:  weaving a dream-catcher
sw42:  "In weaving dreams and in weaving moments of life, I work from the outside inward whenever I do not know just where the center is."  -- Sister Who
sw43:  painting a picture on a canvas-covered frame on an easle set up in the backyard, using an artist's pallete and brush
sw43:  "Long ago I learned what every artist knows--that every creative work quickly takes on a life of its own.  If I do not trust the colors to find their places on the canvas, the painting which is created will be no greater than the abilities I already possess."  -- Sister Who
sw44:  "How many times am I to be folded and creased, certain that I will not survive and somehow surprised that I always do?  As many as are necessary to transform me from a plain, flat square of paper into a wondrous bird in the palm of Godde's hand."  -- Sister Who
sw44:  folding very small paper origami cranes sw45:  weaving yarn on a small table-top loom
sw45:  "Many cords are woven into a belt, many choices are woven into a life, and many prayers are woven into a relationship with Godde."  -- Sister Who
sw46:  writing music notation
sw46:  "There is music within my mind for which I write symbols onto paper.  Even so, meaning within my life will only be known through prayerful interpretation of symbols."  -- Sister Who
sw47:  using a deck of playing cards to build a card house
sw47:  "Sometimes it is not the finished product which correctly measures the work that I do, but rather it is the person I become and the skills I develop by the coping which is thrust upon me."  -- Sister Who
sw48:  "The presence of Godde within moments of our lives shines all the brighter because of the darkness which sometimes surrounds us."   -- Sister Who
sw48:  using glass beads and a metal circle to create a unique piece of jewelry, while working above a dark tablecloth
sw49:  "When the waiting is over and life blooms again in ways I never imagined,  I leave behind any doubt that Godde is real and present--even within a life as unique as mine."  -- Sister Who
sw49:  peering over tall spike-shaped purple flowers in a garden sw50:  climbing high within a very large tree and looking into the distance
sw50:  "Life is a collaborative effort:  we all take turns being the one in need."  -- Sister Who
Photos 26-50