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Inspirational Photos and Quotes (#1-25) These are inspirational photos and quotes from calendars featuring Sister Who.  In each case, the intention was to create an image and a caption which one could ponder for an entire month and potentially find insight and inspiration from the first day of the month all the way to the last–consequently, many of the captions include metaphorical possibilities which are applicable to a wide range of circumstances and situations.  They are included within this website in the hope that they may yet be empowering and helpful, far beyond their initial creation and purpose.  Click on the small photo to see an enlarged copy of it.
sw2:  dying Easter eggs sw3:  crocheting an afghan
sw1:  "Listen for a musical whisper in the wind and you may yet come to understand the curious tune Godde has placed within each one of us."  -- Sister Who
sw2:  "Beginnings rarely disclose the forms of life which they will produce, but are nevertheless colored by each choice we make."   -- Sister Who
sw1:  playing wooden flute
sw3:  "Creative moments of thoughtful reflection and peacefully taking time to just be, are a blanket which can sustain us whenever life turns cold."  -- Sister Who
sw4:  making a Valentine's Day greeting card
sw4:  "Many are the forms which love can take within our lives.  All of them, however, rely upon our willingness to express them, if they are to be real within any greater context than our own hearts."  -- Sister Who
sw5:  assembling a jig-saw puzzle
sw5:  "The complete picture is no more visible within a single puzzle piece than the entirety of life is visible within a single moment.  Both require and reward great patience."       -- Sister Who
sw6:  washing windows
sw6:  "Frequent examination and cleansing of the soul's abode, encourage the greatest possible volume of warmth and light to enter and nurture all that lives therein."  -- Sister Who
sw7:  using a treadle sewing machine
sw7:  "The most valuable tools are those which have stood the test of time and retain the ability to create the new clothes which present and future challenges require."  -- Sister Who
sw8:  flying a kite
sw8:  "By responding to the tension of the string, my spirit is able to fly and the kite is able to remain grounded, turning the shifting winds from adversaries into upward-lifting friends."     -- Sister Who
sw9:  playing guitar among autumn aspen trees
sw9:  "The first important thing about a song, is that it must be sung.  In order to be beautiful, however, the next important thing about a song, is that it must come from the heart.  Thus my best songs are also prayers."  -- Sister Who
sw10:  facing the viewer with a mountainous landscape in the distance
sw10:  "My life is a landscape, a stage, upon which experiences and events are performed. The value is not to be found within the skill nor even within awareness of exactly what transpires, but rather within what I learn, how I grow, and my willingness to be actively involved."   -- Sister Who
sw11:  raking leaves
sw11:  "Better to remember happy times than not to have had them.  Better to let them be memories, however, than to continue living within them, once their season has passed."  -- Sister Who
sw12:  arranging an autumn table centerpiece
sw12:  "Though meaningless in and of itself, the possession of things and abilities is a place to start.  Their arrangement and expression for maximum beauty and effectiveness in blessing the lives of others, is an evolving and life-long activity, which imparts timeless value to even the smallest part."  -- Sister Who
sw13:  gift-wrapping a present
sw13:  "Sometimes I wrap my gifts to others with bright colors and unusual patterns, seeking to convey the magic of discovery as much as the love within my heart."  -- Sister Who
sw14:  head and shoulders portrait
sw14:  "May one and all and everything, blessed and loved ever be!"  -- Sister Who
sw15:  playing guitar while seated on a large rock within a forest
sw15:  "Within each moment of life, there is both a lesson to learn and a ministry to perform."  -- Sister Who
sw16:  facing the viewer with arms extended, apparently unaware of giant rainbow banners immediately behind
sw16:  "The rainbow of possibilities is not less real, simply because we occasionally do not see it."  -- Sister Who
sw17:  Mount Bross summit
sw17:  Mount Bross; 14,172'; August 5, 2001. 
sw18:  Mount Belford summit
sw18:  Mount Belford; 14,197'; August 3, 2003.
sw19:  standing, arms outstretched, on a mountain summit
sw19:  "We find our destinies by watching, listening, and paying attention.  We give them life by seizing every opportunity to shine."  -- Sister Who
sw20:  Mount Elbert summit
sw20:  Mount Elbert; 14,433'; August 14, 1999.
sw21:  standing on a mountain summit, hands spread in welcome
sw21:  "Distinctions provide a map by which to chart the course of our lives and relationships.  Commonalities provide bridges between one otherwise unique area of life experience and another."  -- Sister Who
sw22:  "Wherever the mountains touch the sky, there is abundant peace; as also wherever humanity touches Godde."  -- Sister Who
sw22:  standing on a mountain summit, hands spread in welcome sw23:  standing on a mountain summit, hands spread in welcome, a lake visible in the valley below and behind
sw23:  "We must always seek to find and to be the selves which are larger than the corner in which we seem to be trapped."  -- Sister Who
sw24:  "If justice is not preceded by unconditional love, it will have no life, it will have no soul, and it will have no Godde."  -- Sister Who
sw24:  in the Lincoln Memorial at the feet of the statue, in Washington, DC sw25:  Mount Lincoln summit
sw25:  Mount Lincoln; 14,286'; August 5, 2001. 
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