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An Introduction to Sister Who I am a Sacred Clown, forms of which have been part of every tribal society since the beginning of human history; the one whose job is to inspire others toward personal/spiritual growth and a positive attitude toward discovery, diversity, and constructive change. A soft-spoken and gentle gay man also known as Denver NeVaar, I am passionate about the value of life and spirituality, have also competed in physique/bodybuilding and enjoy hiking and skiing. My spirituality is very eclectic, having begun within the Roman Catholic Church and included experiences of Pentecostal and Non- Pentecostal protestant Christianity as well as Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age,  Native American, and Unitarian- Universalist forms of spirituality. I am a nun according to the more inclusive definition of a commitment to spiritual service and have never done anything intentionally sacrilegious or disrespectful of any member of any religious order of any form of spirituality.  Through intuitive meditation, readings using various tools, and empathic dialogue, I open windows and doors of insight, offer hope, and provide inspiration that can be especially
helpful within those moments when life is a confusing, discouraging, or even adversarial jungle.  The mixed blessing of an official diagnosis of high-functioning autism in early February of 2013 has significantly helped to explain my attention to detail and my alternative ways of thinking.  It is my hope that the effect of this so-called disability upon my creative and ministerial work, however, is only beneficial–suggesting that no mistake was made within the complex circumstances of my creation. Blessings, love, and peace to you, no matter what sort of spiritual path you and the Divine decide is most appropriate for you.       --- S.W. / D.N.