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Fundraiser: A Home for Sister Who I have often lamented that I would get so much more ministerial work done, if I were not more or less constantly fighting for survival.  I am an autistic man within a neurotypical world, a compassionate person who wants everyone to have enough (and is consequently not a participant in capitalistic competition), and a minister who maintains that spirituality is such an individualized phenomenon that each person will most likely need something unique and different.  I believe that That Which is Truly Divine is big enough to encompass all human perspectives and experience and is first and foremost the spiritual embodiment of highest wisdom and greatest love.  How the Divine may choose to manifest to any particular individual, is of course entirely determined by the Divine.  To the extent that expressions are non-violent and mutually respectful, I am happy to support that interaction. 
If you truly believe the potential contribution of a person such as myself is valuable, please seriously consider supporting my existence, survival, and ministerial activity within this world, in any and every way you are able.  I myself am working as hard as I can to make good things happen, but I find again and again that I simply cannot manage this all alone.  It is equally my intention, as I have repeatedly demonstrated in the past, to share my home with everyone in need, as much as I am able.  My home will thus become an available spiritual retreat for anyone who needs to take a break for a day or two, to deal with any sort of personal challenge.  My overall plan is to create camp sites, sacred spaces, and meditation gardens throughout the grounds around the home.  Specifically because I do not want spiritual, mental, and emotional health to be enjoyed only by the wealthy, donations for use of the spaces I will create will be encouraged but not required.  Until such time as sufficient funds are raised, all donations will be held within my PayPal account and used for no unrelated purposes.  I will post occasional updates on this page, to alert donors of the ongoing progress of this effort.  Anyone wishing more detailed information is welcome to inquire.  Thank you very, very much for your support. 
Fundraiser:  A Home for Sister Who