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Free Inspirational Calendar: “Being Fully Present throughout the Journey of 2019” Simply click on what you would like to display, then print or right-click and save onto your own computer.  The calendar pages are "PDF" files, which can be displayed by Adobe Acrobat Reader and other computer software.  To assemble the desk calendar after printing all of the necessary pages, cut the pages apart with a scissors and staple them in correct order to a cardboard stand.  The cardboard stand is made by folding an 8.5”x11” piece of cardstock or thin cardboard in half, stapling the pages along the fold, and then folding the excess cardboard toward the middle underneath. 
2019 Desk Calendar 2019 Wall Calendar January 2019 page February 2019 page March 2019 page April 2019 page May 2019 page June 2019 page July 2019 page August 2019 page September 2019 page October 2019 page November 2019 page December 2019 page
You can also receive a free copy of this calendar upon request, by sending me the address to which I am to send a copy of the desk calendar and/or wall calendar, using postal mail.  A small donation to cover postage and printing costs is appreciated, but not required.
Free Calendar